Manchester, UK

8 Guests

1 Bathrooms

3 Bedrooms

  1. Owner is in overseas and would like to put this newly bought property to short let holiday home for bigger returns.

  2. The owner would like us to design and furnish the whole property to make it look nice and cozy for the guests.

  3. The owner seek for hands-off management to maximize their rental as they are not living in the UK.

  1. Provide full hands off management while they are in overseas

How we can help
  1. Design and furnishtheir existing property into a high standard short let holiday home.

  2. List property to multiple platform to maximize potential market exposure rate.

  3. Provide professional photo service for getting more attention from platforms.

  4. Provide one-stop service from listing to hosting and a hassle free experience to the owner.

Longer stay rate than market

KozyGuru made £1560 weekly income

Became the most popular Airbnb property in that area with 50 % higher occupancy rate than the other properties.

Before & After
During Refurb